How can an organization so new have such a long history?
PNEG is an outgrowth of the American Nurses Association’s Council on Continuing Education (later Professional Development) that was disbanded in 1999 when ANA formed a constituent membership structure.  Every year the Council held an annual conference that was sponsored or cosponsored by ANA.  In 2000, the first “unofficial” professional nurse educators conference was held in order to meet the networking and educational needs of the previous council members.  PNEG as an organization was formed at a meeting of educators during the annual CE conference held in Chicago in 2002.

The first national continuing education conference for nursing CE educators was held in 1969.  It was sponsored by the Medical College of Virginia and held in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The conference was attended by 82 participants from colleges and universities, hospitals and regional medical centers.  It was the beginning of an annual fall conference for continuing educators, staff educators and now all nursing faculty involved in professional development.  For many years it was the ANA’s conference for the Council of Continuing Education.

The conference has now become an itinerant conference that is hosted by colleges and universities around the country.  Since 1969, national conferences have been held allowing nurse educators to interact, to share concerns and experiences, discuss issues, and learn of the latest advances in the field.  Early conferences were planned for nurses responsible for continuing education, and over time included staff development educators.  With the establishment of ANA’s Council for Professional Nursing Education and Development, the conferences focused on professional development for all educators – hospital, school of nursing, specialty organizations, entrepreneurs and continuing education.  With the dissolution of ANA’s councils, educators who attended the Council on Continuing Education’s annual conference grouped together to form what is now know as PNEG – professional nurse educators group.