PNEG Leadership Team

PNEG is a group unlike any other organization you are probably familiar with. Familiarize yourself with this virtual network organization by reading the information at the bottom of the PNEG Home Page and our History page.

For almost 50 years now, PNEG has promoted the sponsorship of a yearly conference for nurse educators. This effort was led primarily by individuals that were/are in continuing education leadership roles. A number of the original leaders have retired and soon most all of the original group will retire. Therefore, new leaders are necessary to shepherd the organization and help to keep the focus of the yearly conference on the Purpose and Objectives provided on the PNEG Home Page.

PNEG is flat organizationally, so there are no set roles/positions. Therefore, individuals participate as their experience and availability allow. Most individuals will spend less than 3 hours/year on PNEG related leadership activities.

While the vast majority of annual conference planning responsibilities fall on the designated host for that year, below are some of the activities that need individuals to volunteer their time – over the course of each year – to maintain continuity and the essence of this group and conference. Participation in these activities is entirely based on volunteer/leader availability and interest, though some, such as maintenance of the website, have a greater need for reliable and readily availability assistance than others.

What, then, does PNEG Leadership entail?

  • Maintaining PNEG’s online presence
    • Assure yearly payment of the PNEG website. A cost of $48 is billed yearly in February to the current webmaster for the Personal Plan. This Plan eliminates the ads that WordPress places on the website if the free plan is chosen. The conference sponsor has agreed to pay this fee the last couple of years. Otherwise, the website is overloaded with ads if/when it reverts back to a free website plan.
    • Assure our domain names, and, are maintained at GoDaddy. These are paid through 11/2023. A future payment and domain owner will need to be established after 11/2023.
    • Webmaster for the PNEG website. This individual has responsibility to update the PNEG website when necessary to share new information as it becomes available and link to the sponsor’s web for the current yearly conference.
    • Administrator(s) for the PNEG Facebook page. These individuals (1-2) approve requests to join and requested posts to determine if they adhere to the group rules and also updates the group on new information available on the website or from other outside sources.
    • Maintain Twitter account and use to Tweet about updates for the PNEG community
  • Administrative
    • Maintain a list of past conference sponsors and their contact information to share with new sponsors.
    • Serve as an initial contact for the PNEG organization and involve other leadership team members as necessary to address questions received from potential sponsors, exhibitors, etc.
    • Coordinate a get together with PNEG leaders for an evening meal during the PNEG Conference to get acquainted, build relationships and discuss PNEG, changes in continuing education, and future opportunities.
  • Maintaining a pipeline of interested sponsors for yearly conferences
    • Assistance with recruitment and evaluation of potential PNEG conference sponsors as needed.
    • Assure potential PNEG conference sponsor has adequate experience, resources, accessible venues and ANCC accreditation to successfully sponsor this national conference.
    • Assist in identifying co-sponsors for PNEG conferences as needed.
    • Coordinate with current and future PNEG conference sponsors to facilitate a clear understanding of the purpose and objectives of the conferences as well as an appropriate conference venue.
    • Assist with coordination between past and current PNEG conference sponsors to facilitate the sharing of information necessary to plan and implement a successful PNEG conference, e.g., attendance, profit, mailing lists, exhibitors, program marketing, evaluations, challenges, recommendations, etc.
  • Assist the current PNEG conference sponsor as needed by
    • Participating in abstract review and/or in obtaining additional reviewers as requested by the PNEG conference sponsor.
    • Leading or co-leading a session at the PNEG conference for PNEG members to discuss and plan for future conferences, recruit sponsors, etc.


  • Experience as a professional nurse educator/nurse planner
  • Interest in maintaining PNEG as one excellent conference option for nurse educators, including one or more of the following activities:
    • Interest in attending/participating in PNEG conferences
    • Willingness to participate in group e-mails, conference calls, and other social platforms as necessary to assist current and future conference sponsors
    • Willingness or interest in reviewing abstracts
    • Interest in maintaining a simple website, Facebook page and/or using the PNEG Twitter account

If interested in participating as a leader, please complete the form at and we will see that the individual coordinating the new leadership team gets the information.