• American Nurses Credentialing Center
    • Accreditation of Providers of Continuing Nursing Education. This site provides information on accreditation, contacts, program updates, and a list of accredited organizations.
    • HCEA supports and mentors health care educators on small and large staffs, and in rural and metropolitan settings. Their mission is to provide a learning community for professionals committed to improving health care and the organizations they serve through education.
  • Preparing to be a Preceptor 
    • In response to Nurse Preceptor’s concerns regarding an absence of ongoing support, Palm Healthcare Foundation, in Palm Beach County, Florida, has funded the development of podcasts, depicting common preceptor/preceptee concerns. Available as both audio and video files, they are designed to prepare nurse preceptors to work more effectively with students and new graduates. Each of these short, 5-8 minute recordings represents a preceptor-identified area of unsafe nursing practice: the inability to demonstrate knowledge and skills; attitude problems; unprofessional behavior; and poor communication skills.
      • Using caring behaviors to engage student and novice nurses, constructive approaches to each situation are highlighted.Using pre/post research data, these resources have been demonstrated to positively influence “Preceptor Perceptions of Benefits.” When the supporting literature is published, Dr. Blum will share that information.
      • To access these FREE resources, go to the Palm Healthcare website at You will find both audio and video (scroll down) versions so that you can listen or view them from your phone, computer, ipod, or web supported device.
      • If you have any feedback or ideas for future development please contact Dr. Cynthia Blum at
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