Sponsorship FAQs

If you are thinking about sponsoring a PNEG Conference, here are some frequently asked questions about what this entails.

  • What organizations qualify to sponsor this conference?
    • Organizations must be accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation
  • Who assumes financial accountability for the conference?
    • The organization or organizations sponsoring the yearly conference assume full financial accountability for the conference and the profit or losses from said conference.
  • How is the location of the conference determined?
    • The organization or organizations sponsoring the program determine the venue for the conference and the contracting for conference space and hotel rooms.
  • How many people typically register for and attend the conference?
    • Enrollment varies and is generally between 300-500.
  • Are there individuals that are granted free attendance to the conference?
    • Typically the sponsor offers discounts for faculty presenting at the conference and for planning committee members, but not for members of the PNEG leadership.  These decisions are up to the sponsor.
  • Are there prior sponsors that will share information about their experience planning the conference?
    • Yes, PNEG leaders will be happy to discuss your questions with you as well as recent conference sponsors.
  • Who sets the dates for the conference?
    • The sponsor is responsible for setting the dates of the conference.
  • Is the current format required for future conferences?
    • No, the sponsor is responsible to decide what format will best meet the needs of as well as attract sufficient PNEG attendees.
  • More questions?
    • See the contact page.